Property Reporting

Property reports, primarily for rented accomodation, are our speciality, Inventory, Check-in, Check-out and Interim inspections are the bulk of the report types used everyday by letting agencies across the UK.


An inventory is typically taken just prior to a tenant's occupancy and is, as its name suggests, a full record of the contents and condition of the property, providing detailed information of every item outside and inside. Descriptions of items, such as doors, can be built to include all types of door furniture and finish. Our software has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind and leads the inspection through a property in an intelligent order, including the ability to re-use previously entered information, from a complete room to an electrical fitting. The completed report is uploaded to our cloud based services and automatically rendered into a sectioned and item numbered report. Photos are sized and ordered into the relevant areas with your descriptions and conditions and will appear neatly formatted with your logos, colours, Ts & Cs and any required disclaimer. Your report templates can be fully customised to ensure the same professional presentation with every report.

Interim Inspections

Inspection reports are typically carried out once, twice or four times a year and used as a full record of the ongoing property condition and can highlight any areas of concern or outstanding maintenance work.

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