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 Landlords need to make their properties pay - look at the costs, but the services provided by lettings agents are also vitally important. Top of the list in current importance is a good solid inventory and one system that’s rapidly growing in popularity is the RentReports Inventory Suite.

A typical RentReports routine inspection report should take little more than 10 minutes at the property to complete; it is automatically produced and sent out via email to the agent and the landlord and tenant if required. If there is sensitive information to edit or add after you have left the property you can choose to hold the report until you have completed any necessary changes using the online editing suite. Additionally you can choose a detailed room by room report, which is typically used for multi-tenancy properties or student lets. Our professional view is that basic tick sheets are woefully inadequate when it comes to demonstrating care of a property to the landlord, especially when they may live many miles away.

Speaking to a long term RentReports customer recently, we were delighted to learn that Landlords love the report quality so much that they mention it specifically in their testimonials! Pennington Surveyors, a large lettings and property agent in Ipswich, were keen to adopt the RentReports technology over a year ago and their staff very quickly learnt to use it to their advantage, landlords positive feedback was instant with many asking why they hadn't had reports like this years ago!

Robert Ulph, Managing director of Pennington said, “After using the RentReports technology for several years now, I am of the firm belief that it has not only saved thousands of pounds normally spent on external property reporting services and freed up hundreds of valuable office hours that used to be spent manually compiling and sending out reports, but has also helped our business to demonstrate its professional approach.” Pennington are at present the only agents in Ipswich using the RentReports property reporting suite, producing well over 1500 reports per year.

 A typical interim report can contain many high quality pictures depending on the size of the property and the quantity of data recorded. Tenant’s comments, possible breeches of the tenancy agreement, urgent and advisory maintenance and an overview of the general condition of each area of the property are just some of the features that help to provide everyone with a professional overview of the current property and tenancy.

The RentReports technology was developed over several years by property professionals for property professionals to help maintain the high standards set by bodies such as APIP and the AIIC. It is intuitive, simple to use and reliable – and thousands of high quality property reports created each day are a testament to its usability and reliability.

For more information about the RentReports inventory suite, sample reports, a free no obligation demonstration or simply more information, please call us on +44 (0)118 927 2832 or visit us on-line at

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